Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Signature Cosmetics Experience

Totally loving these signature cosmetic products! These nail colours last on your nails for over a week without chipping (even with washing dishes). The have so many funky nail art stickers at very affordable prices. My favourite product from this range has to be the black felt pen eyeliner. It is so easy to use. Even if you are a beginner at lining your eyes, this eyeliner will ensure that you get a nice, clean, straight line. You don't have to dip it back into the bottle to get more liquid on it. no mess, no fuss. They also have these awesome eyeliner stickers in different shapes and lengths, for a more dramatic look. You can just stick it on and peel it off. The green tea products are natural and so gentle on the skin, even for sensitive skin, like mine. Lovely, diverse, funky range of products.

You can check out their facebook page Signature Cosmetics 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Official "I could Be" music video

Here it is guys!! Click the video to check it out... the "I Could Be' music video. You can hear this awesome song on East Coast Radio 9495fm

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day was awesome!

Because I was with my adorable hubby! I was spoilt with pressies, flowers delivered during the day and a lovely, romantic dinner. We went to The Dish at The Royal Palm Hotel, Umhlanga. Usually a very quiet place but on Valentine's Day, it was noisy as hell. I think the staff could not deal with the crowd they had as they kept on forgetting our drink orders. We requested that they fix our wobbly table, and we had to ask three times before we were attended to. We asked for a bottle of champagne, but the restaurant did not serve bubbly. Champagne is just what you want to indulge in on a romantic evening like Valentine's day. We had a seafood platter and I can only recommend the langoustines on that platter. The rest was so so. We were actually still hungry after our dinner, the platter for 2 left you wanting more. However, it was a truly incredible night because I had the best company in the world. My hubby :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shooting the music video for 'I Could Be' with the talented Rory Booth and 1818

6:30am call time *shew* this meant that you had to be awake really early to do hair and make up. This was all worth it! The shoot was such fun. We shot at Wakaberry on Florida Road. The Manager and staff were so accommodating, friendly and as bubbly as their signage. The branding inside Wakaberry is very cool. The colours brighten up your day and the actual frozen yoghurt is such a treat. The shoot was wrapped in 4 hours, just amazing. Props to the talented Tyronne Marcus, Rory Booth and 1818 for such an efficient and professional shoot.