Monday, June 25, 2012

Roma Revolving Restaurant

Hubby recently decided to surprise me with a romantic dinner at one of my all time favourite restaurants in Durban, The Roma Revolving Restaurant. I've always loved this restaurant because of its sheer elegance, breathtaking views of Durban, delicious food and romantic atmosphere.

All excited, I planned the perfect, elegant outfit and we were off to indulge in an evening of Love. The food at The Roma never disappoints! The customer service is excellent. You are greeted by warm, friendly smiles and you really are taken care of. The waitrons each bring their own personality to the evening which makes it a personal and intimate night out.

However, parking proved to be quite a difficult task. With about 5 or 6 allocated bays near the restaurant and the rest of the parking in a little alley a road away. Now this is town, so you need to be a brave soul to walk back to your car at 11pm after dinner. Lucky for us, we parked near so we were not worried about what time we left. I was rather disappointed to see that people no longer made the effort to dress formal for the evening out. Noticing many people in hoodies, tracks, jeans and casual wear. People were dressed like they were going to Mimmos. The sophisticated ambience was definitely pulled down by the lack of smart casual attire. The level of noise from children running around and big families also proved to tear at the romance.

They always say that everything in life is what you make of it. I was in the best company. Taking time out to enjoy being with each other. Our night was still splendid. Compliments to the chef... The food, from the starters to the dessert was outstanding!
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