Monday, April 23, 2012

3 shows 1 after the other

April has been so exciting and so tiring. We have been performing for 2 weekends straight, and we will end this marathon this weekend, in PE. Pmb was lovely. It was quite chilly but we saw a great crowd that came out and supported us. Marital Blitz went so well. It's almost like second nature to us. We enjoyed the warmth of the pmb people. They enjoy interacting with you and we felt very welcome. We then had the debut of Popcom, last weekend. We are thankful to all the people that came out and watched the show in Suncoast. We had a blast. The comedy show is so entertaining. People really enjoyed the live singing, dancing and skits. They very witty and full of hysterical moments. The chemistry of this cast, is just breathtaking! We all feel right at home, with each other, on stage. That's so hard nowadays, to find a cast that gels like a genuine family :) we are very blessed. I really enjoyed Popcom! Now our focus is on Marital Blitz in PE this Friday. We are all excited to be performing in PE. We just can't wait!
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