Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baking time

The Baking Bug spread ever since I got married. As a child, I always loved to bake making my very special chocolate cake. I could bake that very well so I never tried to diversify. Just stuck to what I was good at. The cake always came out great and my family loved it. Since I have been married, I decided to shake things up a bit. Started off with a malva pudding, which I have never really liked myself but I thought why not try it. It came out amazing. Finished in a day! So ever since then, this bug won't leave me. I rather enjoy it. I also love cooking. The best part is watching the faces of your loved ones when they eat something that you've cooked or baked. It makes it all worthwhile :)

Cupcakes for my brother's bday
Black Forest Cup Cake
Lemon Cake
Chocolate Mayo Cake with Cherries
Vanilla Sponge Cake with Peaches

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marital Blitz-The end

Marital Blitz was such a success. I had such sleepless nights building up to opening night, that I think I was making myself feel sick. I just didn't know if the audience was going to like it. Looking back, it was very silly of me because the audience loved it. Durban came out in their masses to support our first production and the feedback we received was amazing. We were touched by the warm reception and even though we were fighting against the rugby, soccer, Lutchmi prayers, Raksha Bandhan and terrible rain, Durban still came out to see Marital Blitz. We are thankful and grateful to everyone that supported us. The messages came streaming in with how they loved the play. We were told that there were no disappointing moments. One lady said that it was magic and if she was asked to explain the play, she would say that words would not do it justice... you just have to experience it! The character of Poona Uncle was a hit with the guys, and the ladies loved the romance. People were rolling with laughter at the very witty script and physical comedy from our amazing cast. Some said that the dances were their favourite while others said that the entire play just came together in a slick story and they felt like they were watching a movie. At the end of the day, all that matters is that people enjoyed it. We, as a cast, got to tell the story of Shalini and Sanvir, Aunty Dolly and Poona Uncle to the best of our ability. It was all worthwhile knowing that there is an audience for witty theatre and comedy does not have to slapstick for people to enjoy it. 

Working with these cast members Derosha Moodley, Nesan Pather and Ashwin Singh was pure magic. Creative energy flowed every minute and not a single day felt like work. The chemistry on stage and behind it, was unbelievable. The night of opening night, I felt so nervous but then I looked around and saw the faces of this dedicated, passionate cast. A cast that feels like family, I felt strong knowing that they would be beside me on stage beside me. I could rely on them. We were a team, all with the same vision. Being on stage with them was so easy, so much fun! We had the best weekend ever. Feeding off each others energy and the energy of the crowd. It was just amazing. 

You have withdrawal symptoms when a production is over. You miss the rehearsals and all the crazy times. But LiFT Entertainment is formed now. Our first venture went off with great success. We had no hiccups. No mistakes in the production. Our technical team was superb. The sound and lighting was done so professionally. It is usually difficult to put together a play in a non theatre venue because you don't get an allocated time in the venue. In a theatre, you would get a get in week so you can rehearse in the space. We had no such thing. The day of the opening, was the day we got in. Thankfully, we had no problems. Our changes went off well. Thanks to Azam Khans (AK) for outstanding lighting and sound. He really went the extra mile. To Raam from Pam Golding for his support. If you ever looking to buy or sell property, he is the best in the business. Contact him on 0837781354. To Chantal Snyman and Geno for being a wonderful part of our team, We couldn't have done it without you guys. To everyone that came out and supported us, it meant the world to us. Finally to the amazing cast Ashwin, Derosha and Nesan for hours of hard work, dedication, passion and energy. We did it!   

Friday, August 12, 2011

Marital Blitz opens tonight!

It has been a crazy journey putting this play together. My stress levels have never been so high but it is all worth it when we hit the stage tonight! Nothing quite like being on stage and telling a story. I have a cast that is like family so we will all rely on each other. We will be holding hands through this! Play opens tonight at the Suncoast Supernova for 3 shows only. Tonight at 8:30pm. Tom at 5pm and 9pm. See you there!

Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Days to go!

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