Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Promo Video

We have been in rehearsals and it has all been going so smoothly. So we decided to put together a little video to give our audience a little taste of how crazy we are. We really do have great chemistry and this video was very easy to put together. Nesan edited it and put the whole thing together. We thought we could do a video for Marital Blitz that explains the play and our characters. But that would have been soooo boring. No one wants to watch interviews that are uptight. So we decided to make a promo video that was just funny. We make fun of ourselves. It is just a hysterical video from a cast that really does work well together. We had a blast making this! Check it out! A wacky Behind the Scenes Interview video for Marital Blitz. Fun Fun Fun!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

12 and 13 August 2011 Marital Blitz

Rehearsals are going so well. It is such a blast because this cast has so much chemistry. Everything flows naturally and it is effortless. The lines, actions and funny moments are all coming together so well. This play works so well that it could actually become a movie. The storyline is so universal. This play will definately make you reflect on love and life. It is also so hysterical. Having the time our lives putting this product together.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Marital Blitz - It's Holy Madtrimony!

LiFT Entertainment present to you a tour de force of comedy, drama and action in their first theatrical outing, Marital Blitz. Starring film and theatre actress Kajal Maharaj (Broken Promises, Isidingo, Spice 'n Stuff) and her husband actor, musician (Eighteen Eighteen) and author Nesan Pather, the play explores the murky waters of marriage and miscommunication. Penned by the couple and veteran playwright Ashwin Singh (To House, Looney Lahnee Show, Spice 'n Stuff), Marital Blitz also stars actress Derosha Moodley, previously of Broken Promises fame. Through misdemeanours, miscommunications and plain old misunderstandings, newlyweds Sanvir (Nesan Pather) and Shalini (Kajal Maharaj) must cope with the strains and stresses of a "comfortable" marriage, the responsibilities of their new life and Shalini's sneaking suspicion that her husband may be hiding something. Coupled with Sanvir's mysterious and hilariously eccentric boss Mr Poona (Ashwin Singh), is his wife Auntie Dolly (Derosha Moodley) and Shalini's best friend, hairdresser Desree (Derosha Moodley). What on earth is Poona up to? Is the sweet Sanvir really up to something or is Shalini just being paranoid? Marital Blitz puts marriage, misdemeanour and ridiculous conclusions into a concoction of action packed fun! Find the fun filled cast on Facebook and Twitter for updates on Marital Blitz. Be sure to catch Marital Blitz and its all star personalities on August 12th and 13th at the Suncoast Supernova for 3 shows only! August is the month to celebrate women. So bring your wives, mothers, sisters or ladies come with your girlfriends and enjoy a night of laughter. Book early to avoid dissapointment by calling 031 328 3349. See you there!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recent Indian Delights

Weight War

I'm not quite sure why ppl feel the need to express to you how fat they think you are. For me, it has never been polite or even my place to comment on anyone's weight. So being told that I look fat by a few people, really got me thinking. It didn't hurt my feelings because I'm confident and happy. I think I look lovely with some meat. But for a moment, I did think that I need to go straight to the gym. Maybe put together an eating plan. I didn't take it to heart, because as long as you are healthy... there's no need for a crazy diet. So I brushed it off my shoulder and went on with life. However, I began to think how would I react to those words 'you look fat' if I had a negative self image. If i was unsure of myself. Then how would those comments affect me. Would I cry? Would I look at myself as fat? Would I maybe stop eating altogether?

The point of this blog post today is that regardless what we look like, we have to be comfortable and confident. You have to love yourself so that no matter what people say to you, you will never doubt your self worth. There is no reason for you to feel like you are ugly in any way. You can never give someone else the power to make you feel less attractive. To make you feel like less of a person. You are not only beautiful if you are skinny, or fair and have the perfect clothing. Your beauty has and always will be measured from the inside. You glow when you are beautiful on the inside and that is the place that you should put more of your attention. How good of a person am I?

The age old battle of the weight wars will never be won. You will either be too skinny or too fat. Women will always be judged for carrying too much weight or for showing too much bone. You can't beat them. You have to battle every day. Constantly trying to be perfect in society's eyes. Constantly trying to be a perfect version of yourself. What you fail to realise is that you are perfect, just the way you are.

It is difficult to grow up in a world where you always have to worry about what you look like. Comments like 'you look so fat now', can only fuel it. Eating disorders, depression, self doubt leading to substance abuse can all be brought on by comments from other people. So be wise with your words. Even though you may not mean it in a malicious way, you have no idea in what way the receiver will take it. Be gentle. Is it necessary to comment on someone's weight? Will it change the world? Will it do you or the person any good? Think before you speak.