Friday, April 15, 2011

Function Time

In my parents days, extended family would live in your home. Their neighbours were family. Family would visit at any time of the day and you grew up with a large circle of relatives always around you. It was a time where there was a large sense of community. Living for everyone. Growing up with your cousins. We still had a taste of that when we were children. I remember my cousin sisters always being around. I remember the fun games that we all played together.

But now times are different. We tend to only see family at a function i.e a wedding, funeral or a birth of a baby. We all get dressed and catch up on all the moments that have gone by. Meet relatives we haven't seen in years. It's like a reunion every time.

My cousin got married and my hubby got to meet my extended family. It really was lovely. Seeing everyone, me a newly wed. Being able to share our joy, our love with everyone else. :)
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