Thursday, March 10, 2011

Water issues

We recently had a tap that burst out of its' sockets. It was an evening filled with drama. Just before we could sleep, I decided to close the dishwasher tap. All the dishes were washed. By the way, the dishwasher is the most efficient, wonderful gift anyone can give someone. It makes your life so easy. I really don't miss washing all of those dishes before. Back to the tap popping. So I just couldn't close it, and I asked hubby to give me a hand. At that point the tap just popped and water gushed out of the wall. It flooded our flat. It's always great to look at the light side of life. To take every situation and evaluate it without the drama. If you can find the positive in things then life won't be so hard. We can control our reactions, but we can't control situations. Things can happen that can make you or break you. You should never let it break you.

We now had to spend some time with the water turned off until the tap was fixed. Its amazing how we take these things for granted. Water. Electricity. Lights. Only when it goes away, do we realise how difficult life is without it. We take all these things for granted. My friend told me that while working for the reach for a dream foundation, a child told her that his dream was to have a kettle. She said that you can have anything, are you sure you don't want something better? Why do you want a kettle? He answered that he wanted a kettle so that he can have a hot bath. Really makes you think how we take these things for granted every day. The fact that it is so easy for us to have a hot shower every day. Makes you really appreciate the simple things that we are blessed with. I guess we do the same thing with special people in our life. We just take them for granted. Forget to tell them how much we love them, or what they mean to us. We get so comfortable with having them around and we never realise that some day they might not be there. So express your feeling. Let loved ones know exactly how you feel. Appreciate all the wonders and joys that life has to offer you.