Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black Swan.

We had an entertaining weekend. We watched Black Swan on Saturday and a theatre production on Sunday.

Black Swan, the anticipated movie is now showing on the big screen for South Africans. After watching most of the award shows, and seeing Natalie Portman scoop award after award, people were intrigued to watch this film. After watching it, I have to say that Portman definitely deserves an Oscar. She 'let herself go' in this movie. Holding nothing back and portraying deep and dark emotions. If you haven't watched the movie, you shouldn't read any further.

The movie tells the story of a perfectionist ballerina landing the lead role in the Swan Lake. While she is magnificent as the white Swan, she needs to let go and embrace the Black Swan character. Her sexually assertive director tries to lead her on to the path to find her inner Black Swan. She is terribly disturbed. Some critics have said that it is schizophrenia that she is dealing with. Others say that it is psychosis. She also struggles with bulimia and self mutilation. The hardest part of the movie for me, was watching her hurt herself. Pealing of the skin on her finger, just made me cringe. There were a lot of points in the movie where I found it hard to breathe. Just watching her battle with her own emotions made this movie so intoxicating. Her obsessive, protective mother looked like she was hiding something. As we watch Portman break away from her mother's clutches, we see the development of the Black Swan. Leaving the movie theatre, it was hard to understand what parts of the film were real and what parts were just in her head. Did most of these scenes really happen? Was Lily just a competitive dancer, like any dancer that wishes the lead was hers or was she really manipulative, trying to steal the lead role?

The movie was dark. The character was deeply troubled, searching for perfection. Only when she let go of herself did she actually feel perfect. 'I felt it, I was perfect'. It's one of those movies that will really stay with you. Leaving you with so many questions. The choreography and dancing were superb. You lost yourself in it. Black Swan is an artistic masterpiece that deserves every award it is getting. Natalie Portman is a gifted, talented actress. 2011 is definitely her year.
However, you really shouldn't watch this movie with your mother :)

LOL my version, Pink Swan.

Now on to the magical, well scripted, well cast, energetic performance of Juliet and the Romeos. We all know what happens when a woman sets here mind on one rests until it is achieved One such woman is Juliet Cupido who tells the hapless story of her search for the ideal man in her life. Devised and directed by Charon Williams-Ros and starring Daisy Spencer, Grant Jacobs, Lyle Buxton and Rory Booth, this comedy musical revue takes a wacky look at the world of love, men and women. Under the musical direction of Shem Mahabeer on keyboards, the SOLID GOLD band also features Llewellyn Chetty on bass, Dane Francis on Guitar and Dillan Kanny on drums. A perfect Valentines offering for the month of February the show features the music of Michael Jackson, John Legend, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, the Cornelius Brothers, Smokey Robinson, the Ting-tings and many others.

Even though it was a terribly hot day, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this show. It was filled with lovely comedy, culture and songs that made you want to move your feet. The dancing was wonderful. The voices in the cast. Really amazing!!! Just goes to show what amazing talent we have right here in Durban. They sang beautifully, I even enjoyed some songs better than the original. Our local shows are full of character and they can only continue to grow with your support. So make it a habit to go and watch a local production, and show the actors your support. You allow us to grow the theatre culture, to make new shows and expand in our environment. The show is a must see. Running until the 27th of February at the Catalina Theatre. 

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