Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beginning of a new year brings new light.

It's a New Year. 2011 has arrived! It's brought with it so many opportunities. I have to admit, that it started off slowly. But every flower that blossoms is worth the wait. There are going to be great things ahead this year. I can feel the energy dripping from my body into the earth creating an atmosphere of positive vibes. There is an excitement in my blood that is racing through my veins.

It was a big weekend for me. Spice 'n Stuff is back by popular demand and will be running until the 30th of January 2011 at the Catalina Theatre, Wilsons Wharf and The Attack of The Indian Werewolf launched in cinemas last week Friday. Exciting stuff. I play a no nonsense journalist in the movie. In the play, I take on dual characters. That of a dancer named Rani, and an irritable old lady... Tiny's mother. The play is such a rich and entertaining piece. It has moments in it that will make you laugh, and you will also experience heart wrenching moments where you will be fighting back tears.

"A compelling mixture of comedy and drama, the play traces the last days of a group of Grey Street traders as they face the challenges of increasing crime, failing businesses, friendships across racial and cultural denominations, enmeshed with... family ties. Spice ‘n Stuff focuses on a feisty trader, Rita, as she grapples with the pressures of her dwindling business, but it is the fear of her secret which threatens to unravel her, as she undergoes an emotional journey of self-discovery. The actions of the street and the poignancy of the store become increasingly sensitising as the gripping piece plays out to a dramatic finale." (http://www.whatson.co.za/details.php?id=43769)