Friday, August 13, 2010

My Fabulous Bridal Shower

My sweet girls got together and threw me the most fabulous bridal shower ever. All thanks to Ali, this turned out to be the most wonderful event ever. One year worth of planning, and we ended up with a night were we truly got to enjoy and celebrate our friendships.

The theme was a Victoria Secret fashion show and our colour scheme was pink and black. Ali really went over board but I have to thank her for that now because if it wasn't for her eye for detail, this party would not have been so wonderful. She spent every waking hour dedicated to making this bridal shower memorable, and I can truly say that it was much more than that. I had the best time. I cried and danced with my girls. I guess it also became my farewell party, saying bye to my girls in jozie.

Here are some pics of the decor.

And here are some of my favourite pics of the night.

Fabulous memories!