Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winter is so comforting.

Winter is creeping around, showing its frosty little head. The chill in the air is just a warning that cold, cold times are ahead. I love Winter. I know most people love Summer, but that's the beauty of having different tastes. I love Winter because it always makes me feel cosy. Safe. Being able to snuggle under warm blankets. To sit with a cup of hot chocolate infront of the heater. To wear hats and jackets. Winter fashion is great. You get to play with so many different looks. I'll probably post some pics when Winter actually arrives. It's like the world goes to sleep so that it can rest. Nature replenishes itself. We get to snuggle up close to our loved ones. Hold them so close that you can listen to the sound of their heart beating. That beautiful sound can make you fall gently off to sleep. Ah Winter.

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  1. You are very sentimental, post it clearly expresses the intimacy that creates the cold outside their own house, perhaps with wood burning fireplace, a picture is really very impressive.

    Congratulations to you, to your blog and you're also a beautiful and wonderful girl.

    A kiss,Marlow


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