Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Find time for yourself.

There are some days when you can just get so lost in your mind. Everything happens around you but you don't really know what's going on. When you drive in a state of 'zombie possessed your body.' This can happen from a serious lack of sleep or an unbearable amount of clutter in your mind. I think that some minds are like filing cabinets. Everything in life is filed away neatly in alphabetical order. However, other minds can just be a dangerous zone filled with clutter. Too many thoughts racing through your mind. Thoughts colliding with other thoughts. The thought accident zone being cleared up while other thoughts try to get to where they are going. Your thoughts just end up going in circles making you feel dizzy and out of control.

It is very important to be able to find some quiet time in your mind. To be able to just breathe and know that thoughts are being filed away in your mind. We all need that time for ourself so that we can cleanse our soul. So that we never get lost in our mind. To ensure that we live in the now and we deal with things without pushing them into the back of our mind. The thought dump zone. If you keep dumping the thoughts that you are too afraid to deal with into the thought dump zone, it will become so toxic that you won't be able to think clearly at all. Prevention is better than a nervous breakdown.

I know our lives are so busy that it's hard to find moments for yourself. But be selfish. Take some time out for you. To read a book that inspires you. To take a new gym class. To have a cup of coffee with a friend. To just  call a time out.