Monday, April 26, 2010

Days of My Life

These last few days have been so crazy. Filled with lots of driving and lots of work. I've managed to function on very little sleep, but I do believe that that is a secret talent I have. Inbetween these crazy days I may have forgotten to eat, but I will make up for that next weekend when I am home. I'll get to enjoy mum's cooking and banish the idea of going to gym. If I get terribly out of shape in one weekend, well, it will be worth it. :) There's nothing quite like being at home. Sitting and talking to mummy for hours, getting a fantastic foot rub from a certain Superhero...NesanMan, and having daddy cook all the food you love to eat. Ahhh the joys of being at home.

So I attended the launch of the Citroen DS3 in Bryanston. It really was a polished event.

These are the shots I took of the moon, while parked at the robot on my way home.

A pic of the quiet road.

The next morning I had to be in Midrand at 6am. I did have to make a choice between sleeping or just staying up and going straight to work. All that time I spent on deciding left me with 2 hours of sleep. The traffic to Midrand at 6am was shocking. It's quite obvious that people don't like sleep. Then I thought that I was safe when I reached Midrand,  but just before I could reach the parking spot, I dodged death at an insane intersection. It was like a robot stop that was a free for all. Whoever wanted to drive through, apparently could just drive through.

My last stop for the day was to Pretoria. Pretoria town was a little confusing and so chaotic. They have the most beautiful buildings there. Old gorgeous buildings that look like they have so much to tell the world. If only they could speak. This was a pic that I snapped from a guy zooming past us.

My adventures at the Pretoria Zoo.