Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I feel like I'm losing my mind. Like I have so much to do and I keep on stressing about getting all of these things completed that I can't even focus on the task at hand. That use to happen to me a lot when I was studying. I would know that I am writing an exam and then I would start stressing about the actual exam, so much so that when I tried to study for it my mind was clouded by anxiety that I couldn't even study. I guess I just ended up wasting a lot of time because I couldn't breathe and handle one thing at a time. That seems to be happening to me today. I just know that I have a million things to do before I leave to Durban. Awww a weekend at home. That is just the most wonderful thought. It makes me see fluffy white clouds in my head. A relaxing, tranquil place. I just need to be home right now. I need to spend time with my family. I guess I'm feeling a little heavy right now (and no it's not from late night KFC all the time).

Some people can handle stress better than others. I do believe that some people were just cut out for certain siituations and others are not. As much as we try to do something because we think we are good at it, there is a natural tendency for some people to be better at it and they don't have to try that hard.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Love these pics!

Days of My Life

These last few days have been so crazy. Filled with lots of driving and lots of work. I've managed to function on very little sleep, but I do believe that that is a secret talent I have. Inbetween these crazy days I may have forgotten to eat, but I will make up for that next weekend when I am home. I'll get to enjoy mum's cooking and banish the idea of going to gym. If I get terribly out of shape in one weekend, well, it will be worth it. :) There's nothing quite like being at home. Sitting and talking to mummy for hours, getting a fantastic foot rub from a certain Superhero...NesanMan, and having daddy cook all the food you love to eat. Ahhh the joys of being at home.

So I attended the launch of the Citroen DS3 in Bryanston. It really was a polished event.

These are the shots I took of the moon, while parked at the robot on my way home.

A pic of the quiet road.

The next morning I had to be in Midrand at 6am. I did have to make a choice between sleeping or just staying up and going straight to work. All that time I spent on deciding left me with 2 hours of sleep. The traffic to Midrand at 6am was shocking. It's quite obvious that people don't like sleep. Then I thought that I was safe when I reached Midrand,  but just before I could reach the parking spot, I dodged death at an insane intersection. It was like a robot stop that was a free for all. Whoever wanted to drive through, apparently could just drive through.

My last stop for the day was to Pretoria. Pretoria town was a little confusing and so chaotic. They have the most beautiful buildings there. Old gorgeous buildings that look like they have so much to tell the world. If only they could speak. This was a pic that I snapped from a guy zooming past us.

My adventures at the Pretoria Zoo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Oceans Aquarium

I was going through my photos and I found these beautiful pics that I took out at the Aquarium in Cape Town. Life is a little chaotic at the moment, and looking at these pictures just made me think of the amazing holiday I had in Cape Town. We laughed so much. We went exploring. I almost fell out of the window at the hotel. I also almost flew off the roof of the hotel as I was returning from the jacuzzi (gotta love that Cape wind). I got lost in a lift... lol or more like I just forgot to get out and poor Nes thought that he lost me. Visiting this aquarium was so much of fun. I felt like a kid again. Running around, taking my shoes off and just enjoying every moment of being there. Well these are my favourite pics.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


If I were a police woman.???

I don't think I would scare away the bad guys. Think I should just stick to my day job lol.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winter is so comforting.

Winter is creeping around, showing its frosty little head. The chill in the air is just a warning that cold, cold times are ahead. I love Winter. I know most people love Summer, but that's the beauty of having different tastes. I love Winter because it always makes me feel cosy. Safe. Being able to snuggle under warm blankets. To sit with a cup of hot chocolate infront of the heater. To wear hats and jackets. Winter fashion is great. You get to play with so many different looks. I'll probably post some pics when Winter actually arrives. It's like the world goes to sleep so that it can rest. Nature replenishes itself. We get to snuggle up close to our loved ones. Hold them so close that you can listen to the sound of their heart beating. That beautiful sound can make you fall gently off to sleep. Ah Winter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Find time for yourself.

There are some days when you can just get so lost in your mind. Everything happens around you but you don't really know what's going on. When you drive in a state of 'zombie possessed your body.' This can happen from a serious lack of sleep or an unbearable amount of clutter in your mind. I think that some minds are like filing cabinets. Everything in life is filed away neatly in alphabetical order. However, other minds can just be a dangerous zone filled with clutter. Too many thoughts racing through your mind. Thoughts colliding with other thoughts. The thought accident zone being cleared up while other thoughts try to get to where they are going. Your thoughts just end up going in circles making you feel dizzy and out of control.

It is very important to be able to find some quiet time in your mind. To be able to just breathe and know that thoughts are being filed away in your mind. We all need that time for ourself so that we can cleanse our soul. So that we never get lost in our mind. To ensure that we live in the now and we deal with things without pushing them into the back of our mind. The thought dump zone. If you keep dumping the thoughts that you are too afraid to deal with into the thought dump zone, it will become so toxic that you won't be able to think clearly at all. Prevention is better than a nervous breakdown.

I know our lives are so busy that it's hard to find moments for yourself. But be selfish. Take some time out for you. To read a book that inspires you. To take a new gym class. To have a cup of coffee with a friend. To just  call a time out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's April already!

Woo Hoo it's April. 4 months into 2010 and so much has happened. I guess everyone is just waiting for the 2010 World Cup. The biggest moment for South Africa. I love how my gym has this giant board that counts down the days to the World Cup. Since you can't skip a day at the gym, you're always reminded of the countdown. Everyone is just waiting in anticipation. Pretty much the way I am also waiting for September to arrive and for me to finally marry the man of my dreams. Sometimes I think that the days are going by so slowly and September is taking forever to arrive, but I know that when September does come around, I'm gonna be writing that the year flew by and omg I'm getting married.

In two weeks time is my Mexican Kitchen Tea-Quila!!! So exciting. It'll be in Durban and I will get to see my family and friends and spend an insane weekend celebrating... um kitchen appliances. It's going to be a wonderful party were we can all spend time together. Time with loved ones is the most precious thing. Once campus is over, life can kinda get very serious. With work and weekends spent at home because you're just tired from work, sometimes you look back and think... were did all the fun times go? In honesty, it didn't go anywhere. You are just growing up and your goals change. But when you get together with friends and family, the fun times will always make an appearance.

I've lived a really great life. Filled with highs and lows. With hardship and victory. With sleepless nights and magic moments. But I think everyone has had a combination of these things, otherwise it wouldn't be life. I love the moments were I have been so spontaneous and nothing else mattered but just having fun. I love the support and guidance that my parents showered me with. The freedom to be myself. I'm sure that people learn many things in this lifetime, but I found that the best way for me to learn life's lessons is to truly experience the good and the bad. To be knocked down and to learn from it. To be heartbroken and to heal. To be so lost and alone... but manage to find your way. To see the world in black and white, and when you least expect it... to have a rainbow appear in your colourless world. I'm grateful for everything that I've been blessed with in this life. I apreciate every second I get with my loved ones. I can honestly say that I am truly happy. I look out into the world and I smile, because I know that no matter what happens, I have love!