Sunday, March 7, 2010

Treasures of India

What an insane weekend! I don't think I can feel my legs anymore. Sleep is no longer a n option n my life. I really am exhausted. I really miss the weekends were I spent the whole of Sunday lying on the couch watching DVDs with Baby, popcorn and whispers.
I was the MC for the Treasures of India Lifestyle Extravaganza. I think that it was a successful show that went off without a hiccup. I also think that Jhb needed an expo like this because it is so difficult to find Indian clothes, dots, bangles, cds in the north of jhb. This was the first show that I did without the support of my family. My family have been by my side through everything. Whether it was a play, a fashion show or a beauty pageant.They were always there, sometimes watching the same show for the 4th time. I guess I'm really lucky to have support like that.
The show was packed with a fashion segment and a dance segment. I really enjoyed presenting this show because I really just got to be myself. The atmosphere was relaxed and surprisingly I did not start palpitating before the show. :)
I think that it's a strength that you  develop. It comes with having to do so many things on your own. The independence. You have to be a strong and confident person. No one is going to give you confidence. You have to own that for yourself. We should always shine brightly, in any situation. Always make the most of every day that we are blessed with being on this planet.

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