Thursday, January 21, 2010

The bond of Friendship

We all have friends that we have known all our lives, and we have friends that become our friend in a moment and it's as if you knew them your entire life. A world without friends would be a terribly lonely place. Friends just know what to say to brighten up your day or take a burden off your shoulders. They really are little angels that are placed into our lives to make every day special.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pic of the month.

A very distinctive thing about Joburg is the fact that the weather changes in a blink of the eye. You think that it's going to be a sunny, picnic day and before you know it, there is hail falling from the sky. I guess the best thing to do is always carry an umbrella in your car (which I never do). However, I am always equipped with my camera to capture those beautiful moments. The sun peeping through the dark clouds. I really do think this is a stunning pic! The sun always finds a way to shine through :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nan Hua Buddist Temple.

Spent the first Sunday of the year at the Nan Hua Buddist Temple. What a humbling and beautiful experience. The temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern hemisphere. From the moment you drive into the gate you are stunned by the architecture. The colours and detail of the building just fill you with amazement. The deitys in the main temple are so majestic, it leaves you feeling like a little ant infront of them. As I looked into the deity's eyes I was filled with this powerful emotion. It's as if an energy was swimming around my body and needed a way out, and I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I loved every moment of being there. You leave the temple with a calmness and understanding that just makes you appreciate everything in life.

The stairs lead up to the main temple. You can't take out any pictures there but the mental images will stay with you always.
This was such a great experience. Really worth the 2 hour drive it took us to get here.

The Chinese new year celebration is coming up, better write that down in my calender :-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year 2010!!!!

WOW!!! 2010 has arrived. A great year for South Africans. We host the 2010 Fifa World Cup and we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the indentured labourers to South Africa. Personally, 2009 has been such a great year. I celebrated so many milestones in my own life. Nesan asked me to marry him, in a romantic, memorable and intimate way. I remember crying so much. We had our fairytale engagement party.

I moved out of home to Johannesburg, and started driving alone. I gained my independence. I no longer had to study... double Yay to that! I learnt a lot about myself and about life. It's been a fantastic year and I cannot wait for what 2010 has to bring.

These are just a few pics of our new years eve celebration!!! The Melrose Arch Hotel, one of my favourites places ever, was the location for our biding farewell to 009.

Here's to 2010!!!