Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twilight Saga Fan

I finally watched Twilight after I went on a Twilight saga strike. After watching all the promos for the movie, I honestly felt that there was too much hype. I thought, 'the movie can't be that good.' Plus I didn't know any of the actors. You know how we sometimes only watch certain movies because our favourite actor/actress is acting in it.
Eventually I did watch these movies Twilight and New Moon... and I have to say I am now an official fan. I thought the movie would just be a fantasy or monster movie but the love story between Edward and Bella is unbelievable. It is so intense and true.While watching it I felt like my heart was just going to stop with the intensity of their love. Everyone should love like that in life. People always say in relationships, I can't live without you! But how many people actually mean it. To not be able to live without someone. To never be able to move on. To really feel like life is over if they are not around. The true power of love. Everyone should feel a connection like that.
It's so interesting that a soulless vampire can love with so much of passion. He can give his all. Then we certainly have no excuse at all, because we all have souls and the capability to love. Let's not take our loved one's for granted. Hey, every girl has an Edward or Jacob in her life :-)